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新着求人 マーケティング  (MKT-30)
募集職種 外資系製薬メーカーの Data Steward in Japan Customer Operations (担当/担当課長/課長)
勤務地 兵庫
会社概要 非公開
求人要件 【職務内容/Job Responsibilities】
The Japan Customer Operations (JCO) team is responsible for operations on standard commercial platforms and the Data Stewardship of core data and operations on core platforms such as affiliate data warehouse, sales and marketing reporting platforms, analytics environment, as well as numerous Sales Force Efficiency related applications.
Though implementation and scale-up of the Multi-Channel capabilities, the expectation for the JCO have grown significantly in terms of volume of request and scope of coverage. Multi-Channel is fully leveraging the JCO managed data and platform such as the ** Mail, KPI reports. Especially, the Data Steward keep getting requests to support advanced analytics discussion, the Real World Evidence discussion and other priorities at the affiliate level. So we, as affiliate, needs to enhance the scope and capability of the Data Stewardship not only for commercial but also medical area.
The current team members have been in commercial data space, however we need to start building a new capability for medical data space. So we need a Data Stewardship for Medical to support up-coming key initiative for our affiliate.
This specific position will have two primary responsibility -
1) The Data Steward
*Be the owner of Data Governance
*Gat information requirements, define standards, maintain, monitor, and governance to ensure data is compliant with policies and quality requirements so that the data is an effective resource for company
*Provide consultations for efficient mapping of data between systems/database and business needs.
*Provide advice to requested functions what data can help their required analytics, strategic decisions, and any other needs
*Work collaboratively with partner global organizations to get optimal supports to fix issues or implement changes to improve Data platform capability to support strategic transformation agendas in Japan Affiliate
2) Data Operation lead
*Provide supervision and guide operation team to ensure priority of works and quality of deliverables
【必須経験/Required Experience (mandatory for hiring)】
・More than 2 years worked in Pharma industry, consulting or solution provider for Pharma, or equivalent department (minimum)
・Understanding of Pharma Commercial Data.
【望ましい経験/Desirable Experience】
・Global project experience
・Database experience or knowledge
・Experience of Master Data Management environment and Data Warehouse platform
・Agile project management
・Prior vendor management
・Cross functional project experience and ability to work well with different cultures
【必須応募スキル・知識・資格/Essential skills, Knowledge and license (mandatory for hiring)】
・Strong communication skill in Japanese
・Basic level English (TOEIC 600 + or equivalent)
・Strong analytical, problem solving and investigative skills
【望ましいスキル・知識・資格/Desirable skills, Knowledge and license】
・Strong communication skill in English
・Business level English (TOEIC 800 + or equivalent)
【必須ビヘイビア/Essential Behavior (mandatory for hiring)】
・Self-starter / Open & constructive communication / Eager to learn business
・Ability to work independently and as part of a team
・Logical thinking, Detail oriented
・Fit in outcome driven culture
【望ましいビヘイビア/Desirable Behaviour】
・Ability to communicate proactively, effectively and where necessary assertively with IT and business stakeholders
・Excellent organizational and coordination skills
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