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新着求人 プロダクトマネージャー  (MPM-28)
募集職種 外資系製薬企業の 【ONC】血液がん領域メディカルスタッフ 専門管理
勤務地 東京
会社概要 非公開
求人要件 【人材要件】
【主な職務における成果責任/ Description of Primary Role & Responsibility】
1. Execute Medical plan to meet unmet medical needs related to products in the assigned area
・ Create Medical Plan in the assets in collaboration with Therapeutic area Medical Lead.
・ Execute some part of Medical Plan in the assets such as medical advisory board meeting, publication, promotional documents review in collaboration with Therapeutic Area Medical Leads.
・ Provide information on customer’s feedback on product development and life cycle strategies to related divisions/department in the company.
・ Support promotional document review in collaboration with Therapeutic area Medical Lead
・ Support medical/scientific education to MRs in disease areas.
2. Medical & Scientific communication (Meet domestic/ global medical KOLs and provide/exchange scientific information)
・ Establish a good and highly reliable relationship through non-promotional activities such as scientific exchanges (e.g. discussion using latest research papers and follow-up of contents of academic conference presentations) with domestic top-level medical KOLs in the assigned area.
・ For creating Medical Plan, acquire extensive medical/pharmaceutical information and gather latest medical information in the assigned area.
・ In response to UMR (Unsolicited Medical Request: spontaneous request for medical information), provide accurate, high-quality and unbiased information to important customers, stakeholders and medical staff.
・ Medical & Scientific communication (Meet domestic KOLs and provide/exchange scientific information)
【資格・能力要件/ Desired Behavioral and Technical Skills】
- Technical Skills: Strategic thinking, logical thinking, creativity/innovativeness, negotiating ability, communication ability, decision-making ability, cooperativeness, influence, cultivating ability and organizing ability
- Technical Skills:
・ A person with medical/pharmaceutical expert knowledge of therapeutic disease area/ products, capable of medical discussion with relevant departments and external HCPs.
・ A person who understands compliance and relevant laws/regulations in the pharmaceutical industry and advocates the appropriate use of the products.
・ A person who can create innovative goal and lead cross functional group to accomplish goals.
・ To demonstrate appropriate knowledge and understanding of internal organization structure, key stakeholders and needs of company
- Experience:
・ Preferable to have experiences in Clinical Development and/or Medical Affairs in oncology area or equivalent experiences.
- Education/Certification: ・ Medical doctor, Pharmacist, or Master of science
- Language: ・ Able to understand English literature in assigned therapeutic disease area.
・ English communication skill sufficient for presentation and discussion on assigned therapeutic disease area in meetings/teleconferences or e-mails.
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