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新着求人 学術  (MPG-12)
募集職種 外資系製薬メーカーの Medical Publication Lead
勤務地 東京
会社概要 非公開
求人要件 ジャパン・メディカル・ケイパビリティズ部の mission は、科学的かつ適正な情報提供を通じ、重篤な疾患を持つ患者及び医療従事者の最適な判断に貢献し、患者のよりよい生活の実現に貢献することである。また vision は、
2.変化し続ける医療従事者と患者のニーズに応じたノウハウを継続的に蓄積することによりOperational Excellence を追及すること、である。
必要要件 【必要な知識/スキル (Required knowledge/skills)】
-Knowledge of general process of publications, ICMJE (International committee of medical journal editors) is preferable.
-Good Practice and basis of medical writing is preferable.
-Knowledge about Medical Affairs Law, Fair Competition Code (FCC), Promotion Code, Guideline for Clinical Research (MHLW), Guideline for Observational Research (MHLW) and any other applicable regulation in Japan is preferable. (Skills)
-Communication skills as a professional in Japanese context.
-Teamwork skills to nurture trust and confidence with internal stakeholders.
-First author of publications in English science journal is mandatory Qualifications
-PhD in Pharmaceutical/ veterinarian/ life-science area is preferable. Language proficiency
-Complete level of written Japanese - can understand medical articles and general business documents in Japanese, can write formal Japanese at business setting.
-Complete level of oral Japanese - can have basic medical/ scientific discussions and build an appropriate relationship with internal stakeholders
-Semi-advanced level of written English - can understand medical articles and general business documents in English.
-Semi-advanced level of oral English - can discuss in English, can understand the outline and discussions of a meeting in English.
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年収 能力、経験を考慮の上、当社規程により優遇 
募集背景 非公開 
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