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新着求人 プロダクトマネージャー  (MPM-6)
募集職種 外資系製薬企業の オンコロジーメディカルアフェアーズ メディカルアドバイザー
勤務地 東京
会社概要 非公開
求人要件 【Oncology Medical Affairs】
The Medical Advisors(MA) is responsible for the medical strategy of the product, provides medical and scientific expertise to maximize medical communications.
The MA is the responsible person to lead the indication team and develop/execute Country Medical Affairs Plan (CMAP).
The MA is the Scientific expert and Key person to manage the complete products life cycle management by proactively involving all required stakeholders (Science Hub)
【Key Accountabilities】
Medical Strategy
Identify Medical Needs and Data Gaps and lead the preparation and implementation of the medical strategy (including launch strategy) in alignment with all stakeholders (Marketing, Global Medical Affairs, Development, Oncology Scientific Affairs) documented in the country medical affairs plans (CMAP).
Communicate with the global functions in regards of the product lifecycle management and global alignment of the medical strategy Insights evaluation and management through Scientific Leader (SL) interaction
Develop and Manage the CMAP and SL engagement List in collaboration with Medical manager, MSL and MI.
Build and maintain relationships with important SLs (Local and Global) through scientific interactions (Scientific discussion) and peer-to-peer communication.
【Data Generation】
Plan data generation (DG) strategy to maximize the scientific value of products in line with the local medical and brand strategy.
Lead local DGs from scientific and strategic viewpoint , as well as execute non-intervention post-marketing studies as the responsible person in collaboration with working-level colleagues as needed.
【Internal Expert & Collaboration】
Educate and inspire medical affairs staff to have the highest scientific standards
Give proactive scientific and medical direction to MI and MSL: lead the Medical Affairs product related scientific activities
Support Sales force training upon request from Oncology Business Unit.
Act as a bridge between clinical development and commercial teams: lead the cross-functional medical activities.
Review external documents on their clinical/scientific adequacy to deliver a balanced message based on scientific evidence
Medical Affairs部門にてMedical Strategy立案・実行の経験を有する方
Medical Affairs部門にてMedical Strategy立案・実行の経験を有する方(Oncologyの経験があることが望ましい)
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