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新着求人 プロダクトマネージャー  (MPM-54)
募集職種 外資系製薬企業の Medical Advisor, 医薬開発本部スペシャルティケアメディシン肺線維症領域
勤務地 東京
会社概要 非公開
求人要件 【Basic purpose of the job】
To contribute to execute CDMA activities in Japan according to TA strategy between start of preclinical development and late stages of commercialization
・Contribution to CDPs after proof of concept and late stages of commercialization
・Prepare local Integrated Brand Plan & Detailed Annual Operational Plan to include Japan specific needs, together with Marketing and Market Access & aligned with global IBP
・Budget control
・Ensure benefit/risk evaluations of products within assigned projects.
・Ensure external expert engagement aligned with MSL and according to IBP
【Regulatory and / or Organisational Requirements】
Contribute to Strategy and Activity Review Committee meetings. Ensure ethics and compliance. Ensure re-examination by reviewing documents and process. Plan strategically to allow for effective, safe & medically sound global preparation of drug commercialization efforts. Provide input and medical review of all in- and external documentation prepared by Marketing and Public Relations. Define trials needed to answer relevant questions regarding ** products and their related development projects to meet regulatory and payer requirements and ** commercial needs build upon from the trials concepts developed by the MST&LPT. Provide medical input into epidemiology studies. Ensure communication with CPL. Support to obtain preferable pricing.
【Job Complexity】
Work in a cross-functional team including MSL, CPL, PV, BDS, Marketing, Market Access
Integrated brand team, rapid response team, MST, MAST, Team Member Global Epidemiology, local R&D team members
必要要件 【Job Expertise】
Full understandings of regulatory and compliance requirement in Medical Affairs
【Minimum Education/Degree Requirements】
Bachelor of Science
【Required Capabilities (Skills, Experience, Competencies)】
BI Japan in-house coaching skill (** Japan 社内コーチングスキル)
TA experience in clinical or research setting, 3+ years industry experience in Japan.
Prefer to have experienced some evidence generation
Strong negotiation and communication. Leadership. English speaking
年収 能力、経験を考慮の上、当社規程により優遇 
募集背景 グローバル開発品目増加への対応及びトップ製薬企業たる技術レベルを維持・向上するため 
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