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新着求人 プロダクトマネージャー  (MPM-28)
募集職種 外資系製薬企業の 希少疾病領域メディカル&サイエンティフィックリレーションズ
勤務地 東京
会社概要 非公開
求人要件 【Position Purpose】
•Based on a scientific knowledge and a wide knowledge of disease area, build up trust relationship with the domestic and international medical KOL (KOL specified in advance by employees belonging to MA) and external customers (HCP, academic societies etc.) through scientific exchanges •Through scientific exchanges with the domestic and international medical KOL, identify unmet medical needs, collect and analyze insight, and execute medical strategies corresponding to Pfizer's business •Appropriately evaluate the effectiveness and safety of drugs in the disease area in charge based on scientific information
•Support correspondence of UMR or slide review
必要要件 1. Behavioral Skills
Strategic thinking, logical thinking, creative / innovative thinking, decision-making power, bargaining power, cooperativeness, influence, cultivating power
2. Technical Skills
•Be capable to grasp customer needs and its background and insight
•Have data analysis ability
•Have good communication skills and presentation skills
•Be capable to discuss with related departments and HCPs based on medical and pharmaceutical expertise regarding disease areas and products in charge
•Understand compliance in the pharmaceutical industry and related laws and regulations and promote proper use of pharmaceuticals
•Be capable to set innovative targets, to involve and lead members of other departments and to achieve goals
•3. Experience
At least 1 year experience in pharmaceutical fields (MA, DJ, etc.) is preferable.
•4. Education/Certification
•MD, PhD, Master of Science degree (medicine, pharmacy, biology, biochemistry, etc
•5. Language
Be capable of understanding scientific papers in English of disease areas in charge
TOIEC score more than 850 and over
Organizational Relationships
Internal related department (including ** Global)
1.Marketing, Sales
2.Development Japan (Clinical Research, Regulatory, Stat, PMS, etc.)
3. Safety, Medical Information
1.Clinical Development and Medical Affairs in global
Related parties other than **
1.Medical KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders)/OL, Physicians
2.Other paramedics (Nurses, Pharmacists, etc.)
3.Regulatory authority (PMDA, MHLW)
4.Other pharmaceutical companies and outcome research cooperation companies
Resource Managed
Report to pipeline medical manager
年収 能力、経験を考慮の上、当社規程により優遇 
募集背景 非公開 
エントリー登録     お問い合わせ
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