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新着求人 臨床開発  (MRI-24)
募集職種 外資系製薬メーカーの 医薬開発本部デジタルメディカルマネージャー
勤務地 東京
会社概要 非公開
求人要件 【purpose of the job】
Accelerate the adoption of digital by the Medical organisation to provide a unique ** customer experience across all TAs.
(Develop and Drive Strategy & Capabilities)
- Create plan to accelerate digital transformation within medical which includes focus on people, process and technology.
- Define needs and roll out Digital Training for Medical Teams Q2 2019.
- Establish excellence within Medical for the digital content generation with a focus on scientific information. Enhance Medical capabilities with digital tools such as eP2P, email, websites, iRep (for MSLs), SEO, digital expert engagement, insight discovery and customer-centricity.
- Ensure Medical is able to measure and improve the performance of digital activities.
(Related performance indicators)
- Medical digital transformation plan endorsed by senior TA leadership. Milestones achieved.
- 50% completion of Digital Training for Medical Teams by Q2 2019.
- 50% of medical organisation upskilled on core digital capabilities by June 2019 and leveraging in daily practice.
- Standard KPI framework in place for medical digital activities leading to improved optimization and performance
【Job Expertise】
Documented experience from Digital technologies and processes.
Understanding of Medical Affairs processes.
Documented experience from Medical Communication through multichannel approach.
【Job Impact】
Enhancing appropriate Medical Communication through relevant channels.
Improve customer satisfaction
【Minimum Education/Degree Requirements】
Relevant degree from accredited university.
English fluent in writing, reading and speaking
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