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新着求人 マーケティング  (MKT-19)
募集職種 外資系製薬企業の Media Manager/Marketing Division
勤務地 東京
会社概要 非公開
求人要件 【職務内容】
【Basic Purpose of the Job】
Optimize resource and achieve media objective by providing regular consultancy to marketing teams.
Accountability to achieve annually agreed Media KPI whilst improving the integration between media and digital
(Media strategy && plan)
Be responsible for optimised media strategies and media plans of SSP brands in the sense that strategies/ plans clearly meet business/ brand needs effectively and efficiently
(Media KPI)
Responsibility for setting and achieving of media KPIs (cost, quantity and quality), their analysis and reporting, discussion of implications, implementation of improvements
Media agency management
Responsibility to manage all activities of appointed media agency
(Planning and execution process)
Consultancy to Marketing team in all questions related to media, especially in terms of media briefings, strategies, planning, KPI setting, agency performance reporting.
Lead/ challenge the appointed media agency(-ies) in all strategic media aspects; escalate all potential media issues/ problems to appointed media agency, challenge agency for and find solutions
Work with Marketing team to coach, direct and support to achieve/ maintain the state-of-the-art media standards; responsibility that media standards are maintained and/ or continuously leveraged
【Required Capabilities】
・Understanding of media techniques, reporting and general marketing knowledge
・Solid knowledge of digital media
Required Skills
【Special Skills】
・Strong business leadership of ability to spearhead strategic media initiative
・Strong communication and negotiation skills and experience working with media agencies
【Language Skills & Proficiency】
Japanese and English;Fluent
【Required Experience】
・5 years+ working experience in media agency
・Minimum 3 years of overall media planning experience
・Minimum 2 year of digital media experience
・Years of leadership experience: 2-3 years
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