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募集職種 外資系製薬企業の Supply Chain Lead Asia /
Global Clinical Supply, Digital Business Operations Asia
その他の製薬(物流 ・購買)の求人はこちら
勤務地 東京
会社概要 非公開
求人要件 Through a solid understanding of clinical study design and drug supply processes and risks, the Supply Chain Lead (SCL) develops supply strategies that balance cost, timelines, and risks to support the development of candidates in the ** Worldwide Research & Development (WRD), ** Innovative Health (PIH) and ** Essential Health (PEH) portfolio.
The SCL is accountable for **clinical supplies delivery and oversight of end-to-end process from API to finished product delivery to clinical sites. Requires a thorough understanding of processes, production cycle times, strategies, challenges, risks and constraints of all Medicinal Sciences (MedSci) supply chain functions.
The SCL is the key Global Clinical Supply (GCS) point of contact for clinical study teams, Co-Development Teams (CDTs), asset teams, and Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) and represents GCS and MedSci functional lines at the core study team. The SCL provides study teams with innovative solutions to clinical drug supply production, packaging, labeling and distribution in order to influence clinical study design and drive successful execution.
The SCL is the matrix team lead of the MedSci GCS Clinical Supplies Team (CST) and provides broad consult on all aspects of clinical drug supply.
必要要件 • BA/BS degree or equivalent – preferably in the pharmaceutical field, Project management
• 英語力:必須 TOEIC 800以上 Global MemberとのCommunication有 (e-mail, Phone, Telecom, Face to face)
• Drug development, scientific research, or clinical study design including telerandomization, , pharmaceutical manufacturing/packaging/labeling/distribution/Import export..
• Management of multi-disciplinary teams that includes measuring work, negotiation, conflict management, process improvement, project management.
• Proven ability to effectively develop, communicate, and gain support for execution plans with a wide range of stakeholders
• Experience managing change in a dynamic, complex environment
• Experience with budgeting and forecasting
• Phrmaceuticalfield, project management
• Experience managing change in a dynamic, complex environment
• Experience with budgeting and forecasting
• Competent in using information systems including MS Office products.
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