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新着求人 プロダクトマネージャー  (MPM-24)
募集職種 外資系製薬企業の 腎臓領域シニア MSL
勤務地 大阪
会社概要 非公開
Primary Activities:
1. Exchange and dissemination of scientific, educational, and research related information:The MSL plans, prepares and engages with TLs as an information scientist and colleague both proactively and reactively via various innovative TL engagements tactics and formats to provide dissemination, clarification and education of scientific data, study protocols, meeting abstracts, and professional literature (Both proactive discussions on-label, and reactive discussions for unsolicited off-label questions in alignment with local regulations)
2. Interactions with Medical Societies and Advisory Boards: The MSL answers medical /scientific queries of Medical Societies with regards to BSP products and organizing /supporting / participating in advisory boards
3. Participation at / networking in Congresses and Conventions: The MSL uses congresses and conventions to network with TLs, establish new contacts, and gather competitive intelligence
4. Coordination of Scientific Education Activities: The MSL plans and organizes scientific training and education events / sessions with TLs within their specific therapeutic area or product
5. Preparing reports and tracking activities: The MSL submits timely reports of field and event and tracking activities against agreed objectives
6. Collecting IIR ideas and facilitating IIR set-up: The MSL acts as a point of contact for investigators, facilitating the interface with investigators and appropriate BSP personnel responsible for approval, and communication of study progress and completion Global Job Catalogue – Research & Development 99 BAG-HRO-COR
7. TL Identification / profiling / segmentation and strategy and engagement planning: In alignment with product Medical Affairs plan, the MSL contributes to internal understanding of specific TL interests, expertise and impact in the medical community at large.
Secondary Activities:
【Education / Experiences / Skills】
- University degree in natural sciences, pharmacology or medicine (Master and above desirable)
- Some form of educational specialization / experience within a specific TA preferred
- 1 to 2 years scientific expertise within a specialized TA(腎臓領域の経験は必須)
- MSLの経験があれば尚可
- 1 to 2 years of experience in laboratories / research work (腎臓領域はPreferable)
- Comfort with numbers and ability to extract insights from data
- Academic / scientific writing experience either through educational background and / or job experience
- Cross functional agility
- High Communication skill
- TOEIC 730点(Globalと将来的にはコミュニケーションをとれるレベル)
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